Sunday, February 10, 2013

C4T #1 Summary

Royan Lee is the creative owner of the Spicy Learning Blog. In his first post that I commented on, "Writing in Snippets ~ How I Blog", he explains to us how he doesn't write his blog posts all in one sitting. Instead, when he has a thought, he takes out his phone and jots down notes and ideas. His reasoning for this is that he is a very busy person. Being on the go all the time, he has a lot of scattered thoughts that he doesn't always finish. Taking the notes allows him to go back to it later and be able to complete his thought. I agreed with him that this was a very useful technique for blogging that I had never thought of. Personally, I do it all at one time. However, it does make sense to write down what's on your mind and come back to it when you have time to completely think it through. Great idea for the everyday multi-tasker!

In his next post, "Don't Call It 'Gym'", he explains why he prefers to refer to the class as Physical Education. Usually with the word 'gym' comes the thought of basketball all day every day. However, Mr. Lee informs us that the term is old and outdated. Why does it even matter?! Because times are changing and Physical Education classes are focused on learning the skills of a sport rather than competition resulting in wins and losses. Even one of his students made sure another kid knew that 'gym' was too 'old school' of a term to use. Talk about a proud teacher! I agreed with him once again and stated that students and teachers alike need to understand that PE is no longer about pointless playtime, but a time to actually learn. The fact that his student realized the message he was trying to get across is a success in itself!
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