Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K Summary March

Vincent is in Mrs. Goerend's 5th grade classroom. In his blog post, he told us how he made a healthy and unhealthy menu from Burger King. He chose an unhealthy triple stacker, coke, and onion rings versus a much better single stacker, lemonade, and apple slices. His choices sound pretty good and I asked him what his favorite meal from there was, but I also suggested that it would be a good option to substitute his burger for a salad. I'm glad he's learning about healthier choices early!

burger king

Rocky's teacher is Ms. King, and he attends Pt. England School in New Zealand. He informs us of why he thinks Easter eggs are a part of Easter. One suggestion he made was that they symbolize new life, and the other was that the hollow egg represents the tomb of Jesus. I told him that those were both great ideas, and that new life made sense, seeing as eggs are the beginning of a new life and coloring them gives them personality like a human would have. I could tell he really thought about the true meaning of the holiday, rather than just assuming it's purpose was for the Easter bunny to make his rounds giving out candy.

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