Sunday, March 3, 2013

C4K Summary

Comments for kidsThomas told us what he thought YouTube would be like if it existed in 1912. He believes that there would be a lot of propaganda because it was right before the first world war. However, the common people would post goofy videos like we do today, and the working class would be advocating better wages and working conditions. I agreed with him, because YouTube is a great place for advertising. Also, people post about things that they can relate to in their everyday lives, and all the things he mentioned occurred during that time period.

Neal loves hockey, and his favorite team is Pittsburgh. When he plays, he likes to have a snack and power drink on hand. He's pretty good at playing hockey too, he scored 20 goals! I asked him if he scored all of those goals in one game, and what kind of snack he likes to have. I also wondered if he had any other favorite teams, and told him that he would have to show me the ropes; I don't know too much about hockey!

Paikea and Skye are just starting a new school year in Room 6. I told them that I hope they have a good year and learn many new things. I also wish to see more of their blogs soon!

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