Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 9: PLN Progress Report

My PLN is coming along quite nicely. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube are the websites I frequent the most to learn new information. Pinterest and Twitter are my two favorites. On twitter, there are so many different people to follow, and I love how I can search a particular hashtag and find out everyone who has used it. It's very beneficial to me because in allowing me to find other people who have used the hashtag, I can follow them and see all of their other tweets that give me even more information and connections that might be useful to me. Not only that, but Twitter allows me to communicate with those people instantly if I have a question or if I'm trying to find something out. Even if none of my followers can help me, many of them may have connections that can! I like Pinterest because it's very visual. It gives me plenty of ideas on how to make my classroom a fun place to be in, as well as visually appealing. Pinterest also allows me to repin the things that I like so that I can have them safely stored for use in the future, and so that I can share the ideas with everyone else. All of these websites are great tools, and I'm looking for even more!personal learning network

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