Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Assignment #15

The first time I did this assignment, I mentioned being interactive with computers, IPads, and educational games...but I didn't really explain it. I did, however, mention putting my students artwork all over the classroom. Of course I'll still display projects if it's something we make, but now I'm thinking more along the lines of sharing it with the whole world. Collaborative videos, blog posts, green screen movies; whatever it may be, it's going on the internet for people to see. I want their ideas to influence others, get feedback, and prompt people to share their own knowledge and ideas. I want my class to be a place where my students are excited to be, where they can explore and use their creativity while I just help guide them to where they can find their own inspirations.

I'm going to use blog posts so that my students can share ideas and get feedback from others. A flipped classroom so that in-class time is spent on application of the skills that they have learned. Videos so that they can learn how to work together and make their own script. Projects so that they can build something, test it, and then be able to explain how it works. SmartBoard presentations so that they can practice interactively teaching their peers. I want my class to be completely hands-on. You have to spend the same amount of time with the kids everyday, so why waste it? As a teacher, we should already know how to put ourselves on the road to success. They don't, and while we don't have to hold their hands along the way, it's our responsibility to get them started in the right direction.

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