Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Assignment #8

This Is How We Dream

I noticed this video was posted in 2009, and since then his dream is quickly becoming a reality. It's not something you often think about, but books do go out of date. They'll have them in the library until a newer version comes out, and then you won't be able to find them again unless you know where to look. With technology, knowledge doesn't have to be lost. Pen and paper have so many limitations. The ink fades, the paper tears, and all you can see is words. Using technology, you can speak in such greater volumes! You can combine speeches, videos, facts, and statistics into a presentation that entertains all the senses and is stored safely on the web; not lost somewhere in a pile with the rest of the world's forgotten ideas.

Dr. Miller thinks his ideas will be hard to implement, but will they really? With the speed at which technology is advancing, it shouldn't be difficult at all. Eventually it will become a necessity; why should students use outdated skills to learn new ones?? It doesn't make sense. By putting together this type of multimedia, they're having to find valuable information, use tools to compose it in a way that's appealing and understandable, and share it with the rest of the world. Input doesn't do any good without some type of output! It's a much more effective way to get up-to-date, organized information in a variety of ways so that there can be a greater understanding and availability for future use.

I'm still learning myself, but I will be prepared to use this type of media. My students are going to be able to use it to their advantage as well. I want to be able to teach them in a way that will enhance their learning, and give them something that they can be excited about and that they will want to make use of in the future. Pencil and paper still has its place and they'll need to know how to write, but why let their only tool be a pencil when there's so many options out there for them to explore, and so many different ways that they can engage?

Blog Post #12

First of all, Carly's post in itself employs Dr. Miller's hopes for writing with multimedia. I was intrigued the whole time I was reading, and I love how she created the hyperlinks that went along with what she was saying; it really helped to express the point that she was trying to get across. The assignment that she gave was a great idea, and it really does get you thinking. You have to seriously consider your own thoughts and feelings towards teaching and the learning process, and how you want to share them with your students so that they appreciate the knowledge that they're gaining as much as you do. I definitely enjoyed her video about acceptance for those with disabilities. Isn't that what it's all about: perception? To have one closed-minded view about anything, whether it be teaching, society, or people in general; is to miss out on what the world has to offer. If you aren't contributing, you come and you leave this world with the same thing: nothing. Why not make a difference? Carly had an excellent post!

EDM 310 Is Different

I'd love to create a video about time management. I know it's always my biggest trial. I think a video which expresses the struggles of having a busy college life and gives tips on how to overcome that, or at least make it less overwhelming, would be very helpful. Most students aren't accustomed to devoting so much of their time to school work and studying, and it's a relief to have someone guide you so that it becomes a task that you can handle effectively. In my video, I would show kids working together and encouraging each other to do their work ahead of time, and not at the last minute. EDM 310 For Dummies was funny, but so true! Most people don't have a clue what they're getting into when they enter this class, and it's nice to have a little guidance from people who have survived the struggle.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

In this video, standardized testing was mentioned. But what is a standard, really? How long does it last? "It's the death of education, but the beginning of actual learning." I love that!! It's true that, as educators, we want our students to value and appreciate the culture that we live in. But how are they going to do that if we keep them from utilizing the tools that are available to them? Technology isn't a thing to be feared; but embraced. There's no need to confine them to a classroom and smother their creativity; we have to let them use that creativity to be their guiding force. There are endless opportunities for a child who has never been forced to stay inside the lines.

ideas are the roots of creation

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